NetHack Web Client - v. 2.1.1

Bitmap font:



2018-04-15: 2.1.1: Fixed a bug that would cause text to reappear if the font was changed after disconnecting.
2018-02-07: 2.1.0: Leaderboard now officially supports filtering by username.
2018-01-20: 2.0.1: Fixed a bunch of bugs that decided to pop up as part of what should have been a completely unrelated change.
2017-01-21: 2.0.0: Major network rewrite; network code now uses much less data.
2016-12-06: 1.4.0: Switched rendering to use the bitmap renderer.
2016-12-03: 1.3.0: Massive leaderboard improvements. Check 'em out!
2016-11-28: 1.2.4: Replaced ⌠ with ∫ in IBMgraphics to fix an issue with some fonts. Also fixed a backend issue that could lead to random disconnects.
2016-11-26: 1.2.3: Rudimentary IBMgraphics support and fix for arrow keys in options editor.
2016-11-26: 1.2.2: Text rendering fixes.
2016-11-25: 1.2.1: Added an option to disable bold fonts.
2016-11-25: 1.2.0: Added font size selector.
2016-11-25: 1.1.1: Fixed some issues with bold text.
2016-11-24: 1.1.0: Added a leaderboard! See the top 50 games played.
2016-11-24: 1.0.1: Fixed a bunch of Chrome compatibility things.
2016-11-24: 1.0.0: Added all functionality that isn't added in future updates.